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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  March 15, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> glenn: welcome to the "glenn beck program." the attack-o-meter was off the charts this weekend. it found out from "time" magazine that i hate jesus. that was the headline. why does glenn beck hate jesus? excuse me? that was only the beginning of the attack. i was going to respond today and then i saw press secretary robert gibbs pull a joe n namath and guarantee healthcare and education by next week. one phrase i said over and over jumped out at me. what is, "what is the other hand doing?" tonight we watch the other hand. remember, these guys are always smoke and mirrors. white house, washington, your little buddies, just know we're staying focussed on
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healthcare until there is a stake in its heart. these three words right here. faith, hope and charity. they are falsely being used against us. but the proper understanding, these three words will save us. c'mon, let's go! ♪ ♪ >> glenn: hello, america. faith, hope and charity. these are, these are three paintings that i did and a friend of mine paula hawkins did over the christmas vacation last fall. i sketched these out. and i knew they would play a role. i didn't know exactly why. i unveiled them officially for the studio here last friday. i knew they would play a big role this year, but i wasn't
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sure exactly how until this weekend. faith, hope and charity. if you are going to destroy america, if you are going to heal something, how the do youo it? if you are going to destroy something -- this administration is saddling our country with more debt, more entitlement programs, more spending than you can imagine! it is clear we are becoming something we are not. we've never been a nation that jams it through no matter what public says, we've never been a nation that asked for a free lunch or asked for a hand out instead of a hand up. these posters and these men -- samuel adams, george washington, and ben franklin -- this is who we are. hope. hope. what other country on the planet -- better yet, what other country in the history of the planet inspired so many people to risk their
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life and limb just to get here? do we have video of people coming off the boat? just a chance to have a better life. there is not even a guarantee of anything. it's just a chance. people don't take their families through shark invested waters on a raft because they're searching for a hand-out. they just want a chance. you heard it a million times. these people came for the hope of better life. they know in america all you need is a dream and elbow grease. anything is possible in this country. last i checked no one is floating on their way just to get a chance to go to cuba, china or venezuela. no. hope, hope has always come from america. how do we provide hope? well, the cornerstone of our hope has always been here. faith. this is samuel adams.
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read the book "a life: samuel adams." my gosh! this is incredible. adams felt america was put together by divine providence. all of them did. all of them. they relied on divine providence. with a firm reliance on divine providence, we mutually pledge to each other the lives, our fu fortunes and our sacred honor. god played an instrumental role. he was the one to have faith in. not any of these guys. not george washington. in fact, george washington said, "it is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of almighty god, to obey his will, be grateful for his benefits and to humbly implore his protection and his favor." have we humbly implored god for his protection and favor? then there is charity. charity. ben franklin invented the
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potbelly stove and he gave it away so everyone could have it. it was his choice. this guy didn't say let's set the government up so we could take his invention away. he gave it of his own free will. that tradition continued. when there is earthquake or tsunami, hunger or poverpoverty who comes? there is no other country in the history of the world more charitable in america. name the country that giving is such a way of life -- name a country that's more generous than america. is it france? is it spain? is it germany? china? faith, hope and charity. they're not just the essential teachings of christ. they are the essential teachings of our founders. i said something a long time ago. way back when i was still living in the world, you know where.
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marxism has been discredited. no one left believes in that fantasy land. that period of your life. way back then i said america could never be destroyed from the outside. i remember the day i said it. it was september 11. people were freaking out. i was on the military program and i said militarily, there is no equal. don't worry. if the world decides to attack us and we decide we're not going to bother with smart bombs we'll control the world in a heartbeat. that's not who we are. don't worry. the only way to destroy america is rot it from the inside, collapse our system from the inside. it has to be one of us that brings us to our knees. when i said that, i was trying to give hope to people. but i didn't have the full truth because little did i know there were people, our own countrymen who are already here on the inside who want to do that. bring our country to its knees.
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that is insanity. they're doing it with these three things. faith, hope, charity. that sounds crazy, too. who can possibly attack hope? or charity? who can attack faith? well, actually, faith they've been doing for a while and you know that. you can't sing christmas carols anymore. instead the kids learn about the wonders of the winter sol tis and al gore -- solstice and al gore is the new pope. you can't have the evil ten commandments at the courthouse step. thou shall not lie or covet. that's crazy talk. we can't have the offensive "god" word on our money anymore. who would spend time attacking faith? the overwhelming majority religious or not are not offended by god. i'm not offended by your religion. i have hope you're not offended by mine. is it teaching you to kill somebody? then i have a problem with it. the progressive left, however, has a problem with this man's religion.
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christianity. they have a real problem with that. rosy o'donnell thinks christians are evil. the same people attacking me right now -- remember, "time" magazine, "glenn beck hates jesus." progressives, progressives are the ones that say you have to rot america from the inside. you have to be insiinsieinside order to bring her down. it's been the plan the whole time. make progress. baby steps. well progress from where to what? from the constitution. to a democracy. we're not a democracy. so now that it's happening why is america surprised? they've been clear for 100 years. radical progressives are infecting america. by deceiving unsuspecting people on their true intentions. we saw it last week on the defend education rallies. here they are rallying.
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defend education. well who wants to -- you're attacking education? >> yeah, i want everybody to be dumb midummies. really? if you go to their web site and start looking, just browse their website. you're suddenly in a marxist hot zone. they can't win people over with marxism so they have to resort to deception. this is all about education. no, it's not! no, it's not. why did i put george washington here as hope? i put him here because without the truth there is no hope. it's false hope. the president says the worst is behind us right now. >> experts from across the political spectrum warn if we did not act, we might face a second depression. so we acted. immediately, and aggressively. one year later, the worst of
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the storm has passed. >> glenn: i hope to god he's right. i really do. but i was reading today in the newspaper something that the left has mocked me for, because i said we're going to lose their triple-a status, which means our interest rate on our loans is going to go through the roof. here is the article here. u.k., u.s. move closer to losing rating, moody's says. they give us the credit rating. they say also things are going to further deteriorate before things start to stabilize. mr. president, i thought you said the worst was behind us? everyone in their gut knows the worst is not behind us. you know that. it's not difficult to see the current spending is unsustainable. at some point, there is a brick wall if front of us. we're on the brink and the president has already taken bloated government that was out of control before he got into office, and he's making it bigger. it's like the fat lady that i read about today. i don't know if you read -- there she is. she is 700 pounds. she is trying to get to 1,000
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pounds. that's her goal. i mean, boy that's a -- that kind of -- i wish i could do that. but that's destroying yourself. why would you want to do that? it makes no sense. but that is america right now. radicals aren't admitting it's a goal. we want to be 1,000 pounds. we have want to be svelte. so put the cake down. what happens when everything come cans crumbling down? where does the hope come from? do you remember when they were promising the worst is behind us. i told you at that time, look out. an emergency. an emergency will come. can you trust the guy who is currently offering you hope?
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name the institution besides the military that you trust. the senate? the house? the e.p.a.? who? park police? is there anything that you really believe in? for me, the only thing i really think has integrity, police and military. hope you see comes from a belief in something. how can you have hope from things rotting from the inside? you can't. the truth must be restored before you can have hope. finally, charity. what was one of the first things that barack obama did when he took office? do you remember? we talked about it. we said this doesn't make any sense. he tried to take away tax incentives on charity. why? because he wanted to teach americans how to be charitable. excuse me?
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americans don't need a lesson on charity. we're the most taxed, or one of the most taxed nations on planet earth. we also bar none are the most giving country that ever existed in the history of mankind. we don't need to be taught charity. we get it instinctively. we got it down. thank you very much, mr. president. although joe biden you might want to talk to him and give him a little lesson. he only donated .003% of his income in 2007. i'll put the progressive george soros against the conservative philanthropist john huntsman any day of the week. one will die powerful. the other will die penniless. because that's what he chooses to do. to give his money away. they are taking charity and jamming it through to the government and rotting it from the inside. in the end, this is the
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answer. but it is also the disease. if you take these faces out, and turn them into these faces. faith with al gore. hope with barack obama. and charity through healthcare with nancy pelosi. you're against healthcare? well, you must be against sally jerkensonberg who was born with no kneecaps. i just got a letter from her. she also has no eyelids. she is constantly falling down and the dust goes in her eyes. why does she have no eyelids? they took them whenthe went in for tonsils because they decided if they took the eyelids they could get more money. we have to give her the right to healthcare. don't let that one word get lost on you. they are asking to give her the right to healthcare. you have to have faith in them. not in god. faith in the government. faith in the government to
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give you charity. government to be the grantor of rights. two days before christmas, we celebrated real savior's birth and tom harken said this. i want you to watch and listen to this carefully on what he said about rights. here it is. >> what this bill does is we finally take that step. as our leader said earlier, we take that step from healthcare as a privilege to healthcare as an inalienable right of every american citizen. as i said before, this bill is not complete. i used the analogy of a starter home. in which we can add additions and enhancements as we go into the future. like every right that we've ever passed for the american people, we revisit it later on to enhance and build on those rights. >> glenn: listen, here is the thing. can you just bring up the part where he is saying about what we do with rights?
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here it is. like every right that we've ever passed for the american people. every right? tom, i don't know if you've read the declaration of independence but you don't have the power to grant people rights. you don't create them. you don't enhance them. they are not yours. in case you missed it, let me show you. the declaration of independence. bring it up. we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, and endowed by their creator. "endowed by their creator." with certain inalienable rights. who the hell do you think you are, congress? you're not god! last time i checked i am imperfect so you could have created me, but i don't think you did. america, if you start depending on the government to grant you rights, what they grant, they can take away. if you depend on them to
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grant you your rights, you've done two things. "a," you've turned the republic upside down. and then you've built handcuffs and a cage for you to live in. you will be a slave to whatever the creator deems is best for the collective. what they are about to pass -- show me the scan here. this is an x-ray. this is a tumor. lots of tumors. one here, this is a tumor, this is part of the tumor. what they're about to pass is not a tumtumor. the doctor could say the tumor here, we have to go in and cut this out. i don't know if you can cut this tumor out. maybe not. but you can at least try. but what they're about to pass is a bloodstream disease. it will be injected into our system and it will be incurable. it will be in every cell of our bodies. that's why it's 2300 pages. filled with things like this little gem on page 1557. a provision for comparative
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effectiveness research. this is great. this is where panelists get together and they'll have experience in a wide variety of areas, including economics. economics? wait a minute. i thought the problem with healthcare in america it was all about money and we weren't going to have bean counters anymore. right. this bean counter no longer will be with your insurance company. this one will be a benevolent grant-writing bean counter from washington. you'll be powerless over this guy. you can't leave his company. no, no. they'll tell you what treatment you can and cannot have. america, this is the moment. the fundamental transformation of america is here. i know you are busy. i know you have other things going on in your life. but i also know that this is still america. when things g s get tough, thats when we get going. this scene happened right before christmas 1776.
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we were losing the war like crazy. washington lost two-third of his army, they were about to face the -- was it the haitians or the prussian? they were the navy seals of the day. we had farmers with nothing who wanted to go home, congress, they were chicken. congress was on this side of the river. congress got out. left philadelphia and they went to baltimore. washington knew he was going -- it was over. unless he came up with a plan. here was his plan. get 'em! that was pretty much it. get in the boats. get 'em. or when that river freezes, they're going to come over and they're going to slaughter every one of us. everyone in these votes was freaked out because they were fighting navy seals. that's when thomas payne wrote follow-up to "common sense" and he wrote this -- "these are the times that try men's souls. the summer soldier in the
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sunshine patriot will in this crisis shrink from the service of their country. but he that stands it now deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered. yet we have this consolation. that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph, what we obtain too cheap or we esteem too lightly. it's dearness only that gives a thing a value. heaven knows how to put a proper price on its goods. it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as freedom should not be highly rated." we may be tired. but we're americans. america, now is the time to keep fighting this thing. i know you're tired of hearing it. this bill is going to fund when tall t -- fundamentally transform america. mr. president, you're not fighting any other american.
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you're fighting americans. we're going to get up with ideas. with faith, hope, and charity. we shall overcome.
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>> glenn: thank you for
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watching today. apparently the healthcare reform debate is going to reach its zenith this week. is it ever going to end? the progressives are pulling out all of the stops. but what they're playing now is if you don't want this healthcare bill, you just must hate the poor and have absolutely no charity in your heart whatsoever. you see, they know that you do have compassion for those who are less fortunate. because you're americans. americans are the most charitable people in the history of the planet by far. they know that. that leads them to this understanding, the way to get their power is to play on that compassion. they will stop at nothing to get what they want. let me show you something that should disturb you on what was prodded out on friday. let me make this clear. this is a terribly sad story. this little guy who stepped up to the microphone, how do you not ache for him? what he's gone through. but what he's being put through now knowingly by
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adults is obscene. the senators are exploiting him. it's absolutely despicable. watch. >> my mom was diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension in 2006. she missed so much work she lost her job. along with her job, she lost her healthcare. and losing her healthcare ended up causing her, her life. and i wanted to finish her fight for healthcare. >> glenn: dick durbin, chuck schumer, they just dripped with oh, so heaheartfelt compassion. >> today, 70 americans will die for lack of health insurance. >> we're asking for an up-or-down vote. that sounds abstract. it's about marcellus' mom. >> glenn: that's what it is. unfortunately, chuck knowingly is missing the facts. first, yes, his mom worked at jack-in-the-box and got very
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sick. she lost her job and her healthcare. that part of the story is true. but even without healthcare, she went to the hospital and received treatment. at least two times. the second time was for eight days in the hospital. now how is that not having access to healthcare? for whatever reason between the visits to the emergency room, she refused to go back to the doctor. despite the fact that she was vomiting blood. was no one saying please go back to the doctor? i grew up in washington state. believe me, they offer a plethora of existing government assistance programs. to anybody laid off or unemployed, if you're worker and you're unemployed, they have assistance for you. just like his mom. why didn't she enroll? did she enroll? these are the questions that were never answered with these stories, because the answer too often doesn't fit the agenda. macellus' grandmother now
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says that they applied for medicaid for his mom in the eight months between losing her job and when she died. well, did they wait too long? if they did, can't we hurry that process up? there is something wrong with the process if that is true. but i don't know if it's true. what i do know is if an unemployed single mother of three can't get medicaid, who can? maybe that's where we should start to fix the system. that's a change we can all agree on and we can change it today. speaking of marcellis' grandmother she worked for a place called the washington community action network. from their website, here is what they're all about. economic racial gender and social justice for all. decent quality of life for all. change relations of power. so all individuals can significantly impact decisions that affect their lives. shared community and
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collective responsibility. respect for diversity and building strong communities. truly democratic society with open, honest participation by all. boy, there are pesky phrases in that one we should point out. social justice. shared community. and collective responsibility. let's not forget truly democratic society. well, we're not a democratic society. i think that was the soviet union. i believe it's the democratic socialist republic in china as well. thomas jefferson, james madison, everybody, all of the founders repeatedly said because they knew democracies do not work. they never have. but progressives, marxists really led by the communist at the turn of the 1900s, they knew democracy was a way to get people vote for dictators. you hear it all the time, how democratically elected hugo chavez, the democratically elected saddam hussein,
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vladimir putin, the democratically-elected leadership in iran. how did young marcellis and his grandma get to washington to talk to these powerful, compassionate senators? how did they do it? did one of the senators find out about it himself and bring them in? no. no. the trip was paid for by healthcare for america now. that's the george soros funded obama approved group fighting for healthcare. since all of groups are so concerned and so involved now, may i ask where were you when marcellis' mother was vomiting blood? wasn't this the perfect opportunity to help her buy a decent quality of life for all? or at least for one? you had someone in your own ranks that knew -- her mother knew. dare i ask. where was grandma?
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we are expected to believe that after this government takeover of the healthcare system, these kind of tragic, tragic stories will never ever happen again. that defies all logic and all reason. not only will the government cause these types of tragedies, but i think we can expect they'll happen even more often. after all, every bit of care was available under medicaid. created specifically for people exactly like tiffany owens. why is she dead today? the government program existed. let's fix that one. the bottom line question in all of this sad tale of marcellis owens is what is the real motivation of these u.s. senators? is it compassion and charity? or power and control? w
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today, how committee moved a sweeping healthcare bill one step closer to a vote. a budget panel approved a budget reconciliation resolution that would fas track the -- fast track the measure. senate obama repeatedly we need courage from elected officials and leaders to pass the far-reaching package.
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toyota today said there are strong indications the running prius episode last week in california didn't happen the way a man says it did. the troubled auto maker says the account appears to be inconsistent with what they found so far claiming everything tested is working properly. glenn beck in a moment, but first bret baier with a preview of "special report." >> bret: coming up, the president makes his final argument for healthcare reform, as the white house changes the parameters and the house moves a bill forward. tonight, latest vote count, politics and analysis. join me at the top of the hour for "special report" now. back to glenn. ♪ ♪ >> glenn: have you noticed the new approach to jam healthcare down our throats? they're all out of explanations why we should pass a trillion dollar boondoggled in one of the most tumultous economic point
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of our history. this is how pelosi is selling it to the people. >> we have to pass a bill so you can find out what is in it away from the fog of the controversies. >> glenn: that's about as tempting as michael moore in a bikini. i'm going to say no to the one. as much as i trust nancy pelosi, i am going to have to pass on the you'll love it, here, open it approach. she led woman to congress to a 14% approval rating. yet, she wants you to give her carte blanche on the biggest government prom of all time. based on trust. bart stupak, the pro-life democrat, he's not supporting the bill because it would federally fund abortion. stupak says he's getting all kind of pressure from unions to support the bill. and president obama is persuading him saying, trust me. i'm the hope guy. trust me. don't boar worry.
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we'll let it pass and fix it later. how can you trust, how can you trust when he is also hearing from democrats the argument that, "if you pass the stupak amendment, more children will be born and therefore it will cost us millions more." wow! that's disturbing. and yet it sounds strangely reminiscent, almost like john holdren the science car that says we could put sterilizations in the drinking water and forced abortions the if we have to there is a population explosion. when do we say no to trusted approach? how many examples of government failures do you need to see before we ask the right questions. like you keep saying we're going to pass this, everybody is against it. what is your real agenda here? who is involved? how are the unions involved? providing better healthcare truly cannot be one of their reasons for passing it, because they have never
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provided better healthcare. the system the government provides, as we saw in the last break, don't work. if you want to care for the elderly, social security is subjected to pay -- projected to pay out this year more in benefits than it collects in taxes. $29 billion more. people will be retire and asking for their money. what will happen? the government will rip out a becomes of iou notes. now they want to do this with healthcare as well? why? because it's not about healthcare. never has been. it's about power. it's like the other thing in the bill you should know about. education. wait a minute. i thought this was healthcare. no, no, no. education as well. we'll show you that when we come back. p
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>> glenn: cloward and piven
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is true. if you don't know what it is, look up cloward and piven right now. he's idea of financially collapsing the system and making sure there is a framework underneath to catch it, so you can have the fundamental transformation. you look it up and you tell me if it makes more sense than what is going on in washington and what they're telling you they're doing. not only are they passing healthcare, this bill, what they're threatening to do. passing healthcare, this bill, but they're attaching the student loan provision in the healthcare bill. on the heels of it. here is what it is. the government is going to take all of the loans. no more private commercial student lenders. no, no, no. only the government will be left to lend directly to students. let's not even talk about financial debacle this thing is going to be. let's just go here. why would you want to do that? control. control. they control who gets the money.
5:45 pm
what student. who goes to school, who doesn't, who goes to a good school and who gets more money and less. which schools get the money. depending how diverse they are, what they teach. it's complete and absolute control. big government programs are about control. they also never work. at least now a half dozen states are considering freezing tax refunds and sending you an iou. as a way to off-set cash flow problems. you got to be kidding me? can you imagine doing that to them. this weekend our government went in and raided a car wash over count them, four cents. four. but when they owe you $4, $400, $400,000, they now can tell you sorry, we don't have the money at this time. it's time that we the people demand the government start making sense and live by their own damn rules.
5:46 pm
they are not kings. they are americans. they are part of we the people. they go there and they're supposed to come back. it is time that you have a candlelight vigil. you peacefully assemble in front of your congressman's local doors. you go to his office locally. not to washington. you gather your friends. and you stand there, you sleep there. you make sure the press covers a peaceful assembly of people saying we will remember your name until the end of time, sir. we as americans may have been asleep for a while. we may not have educated ourselves, because we truth -- because we trusted people. we may have been greedy in the past because we bought in the you can have it all idea because it made our lives easier. we're tired. we're parents. we have wanted to believe it. but make no mistake, america. you are still the people who
5:47 pm
won world war ii. it wasn't the government. it was us. we are the people that concurred tyrants in every coroner corner of the world. make no mistake, washington. that's what you're messing with. you can try to fundamentally transform this country all you want, but if you do americans are on the other side. we're not europeans. we won't go back to sleep. >> glenn: find a local office. be peaceful, be kind. but sit down and don't move. you're an american. demand that your rights come from god. not from a politician. when we come back, a lesson from ben franklin.
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>> glenn: tomorrow night here in new york at the nokia theater in times square i'm doing a program. you can see it on iinsider on it's called "the future of history." because we've got to learn history to be able to face our future. right now, you're being asked to have faith in the government. you'll have hope because you will have faith in the government providing charity. being veritabl veritablariet ch.
5:53 pm
that's a different america. know that in everything you're doing. you have to have hope and faith they will be charitable. when we first started our country, there was a real outcry. we are a religious nation but we had separation of church and state. well, ben franklin was asked how do you define religion? he said there was an american religion. how do you define that? he wrote a letter to the president of yale in 1790. this is the american religion according to ben franklin. he said, "it is my creed, i believe in one god, the creator of the universe, that governs it by his providence. that he ought to be worshipped and that the most acceptable service we render to him is in doing good to his other children. that the soul of man is immortal and will be treated with justice in another life respecting its conduct in
5:54 pm
this." so what did he mean by that? he meant that there is a god. we have faith. and the best way to serve and worship god is to have compassion. and to act like god would have us act. be good to each other. help each other out. not forced. there is no social justice as the way the progressives understand it. social justice, forced charity? from the government. then why would god have a judgment in the end? because justice had been served down here. compassion does not come from control. it doesn't. charity does not come from control. faith cannot be proven. it cannot come from a textbook. hope cannot come from lies. faith, hope, and charity. it is the answer to our problem. and that answer starts and
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ends with you. we'll be right back. fifty-eight different individuals are using,
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>> glenn: tomorrow, i want you to set your d.v.r. i want you to tell a friend. tell them tonight. you got to watch the "glenn beck program." tomorrow, you're going to learn more about faith, the faith of our founders and the role that this played in america. you're going to learn the truth about what we're really facing. you can only have -- you can only have hope if you really know. if somebody says okay, you have cancer, but this is what we can do. that gives you hope. not a doctor that says oh, no everything is fine, we're past the worst of it. you have to know the truth. and charitable. how did bill gates become so charitable? i think it has something to do with the constitution and america itself. set the dvr for tomorrow and tell at least one person.


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